Why is Air Charter very expensive compared to Airlines?

Air Charter companies do not sell seats. The operators all around the world sell the airplane time unlike the airlines where each seat is sold to a passenger. When the customer charters an airplane, he can take as many passengers with him (up to the maximum seating capacity of the airplane).

Do I have to pay for both ways of a flight even if I am flying only one sector?

Yes. Air charter operators all around the world operate on very tight margins and it is not economically feasible to charge the customer only for one way. Even if the customer is flying only one sector, the airplane has to return to its starting point and that expenses will have to be borne by the customer.

How much notice is required if I want to Charter an airplane?

This depends on the availability of the aircraft. If the aircraft of your choice is available at the base, it can be ready for departure immediately after the confirmation of the flight subject to obtaining landing clearances at destinations. In the event the aircraft is not available or has to relocate from another base, sufficient time period is required to arrange the airplane. To assure that your choice of aircraft is available when you want it, it is always a good idea to allow ample time and book your flights well in advance.

What are the payment methods?

You can pay either by cash, credit card (AMEX,VISA, MASTERCARD) or wire transfer directly to our company account. Please note that our company policy insists on full payment by the customers on flight confirmation. This is to ensure that the aircraft is available for the customer.

Is it safe to fly in a business jet? Are the aircraft or passengers insured?

Yes. Titan works only with government approved air charter operators . This approval is given only to operators who fulfill very high level standards of safety and quality procedures. Hence the customers can be assured of safe and secure flights with us.

Also, each aircraft and the passengers are insured for the highest value possible as required by the law.

Can I travel to more than one destination on a single day? Will I be charged extra for that?

Yes. One among the many advantages of using air charter service is that if the destination airport is operational (Some airports do not have night time landing facility) the customer can visit as many cities as possible on a single day. The customer will be charged additional waiting charges for flying to different cities on a single day.

Are there any indirect/hidden costs involved?

No. Titan ensures that when the customer is given the price quote for the itinerary of their choice, we will list all charges associated with the trip. This will include flying charges, landing and parking fees, catering charges, and additional airport handling fees.

What if I have a change in my travel schedule after departing from my departure airport?

Titan will do its best to accommodate the change in travel plans of the customer. But factors beyond our control such as landing permission on certain excluded/restricted countries may prevent us from completely meeting the requirement of the customer. Also, if the aircraft is confirmed for other customers we may have to find alternate solutions for the passengers. But customer of Titan can be assured that all efforts will be made to meet their requirements.

What if I cancel my flight before departure?

Titan has a cancellation policy which clearly states the terms and conditions if the customer cancels the flight before the flight departs. A charge is applicable if the customer cancels the flight within the stipulated time frame.

What are the value added services I can expect from Titan?

Titan has added value to its services by offering unparalleled and personalized services such as dedicated executive air terminal at select locations, tie-up with many handling agents in destination cities who will ensure superior handling of our passengers, transportation arrangement at the destination, hotel arrangements at the destination city, business meeting arrangements, shopping trips and so on.