Business Air News | Titan manages Global 6000 for Bombardier admirer


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July 4, 2017:
Abu Dhabi-based operator Titan Aviation has added a Global 6000 to its managed fleet. The aircraft will be used exclusively by the owner and will be unavailable for charter. Configured to accommodate 15 passengers in three cabin zones, the jet is equipped with Ka Band voice and data communications while the cockpit has a Vision flight deck including head up display, synthetic vision system and a paperless environment.

MD Sakeer C Sheik says: “We are excited to add the Global 6000 to our fleet. We appreciate its performance and we look forward to serving the owner with all of their flight requirements. We will be able to fly the entire family on leisure trips as well as perform frequent business trips.

“The greatest advantage with this new machine is that there is no range restriction anymore for the owner, who has been an active flyer on the same family of aircraft for many years.”

Titan’s chief pilot is equally delighted with the acquisition: “I have flown Globals for a long time and I am very impressed by the climb performance of the 6000, which enables us to climb up to FL450 right after takeoff,” he states.

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