Bell 429

    • Bell-429-Helicopter-Charter-Titan-Aviation
    • B429-Cabin-Helicopter-Charter-Titan-Aviation

    Coupled with exceptional construction and attention to detail, the Bell 429 is truly unsurpassed in its class

    • Seating Capacity 05 Pax & 02 Crew
    • YOM 2013
    • Maximum Range 300 Nautical Miles
    • Cruise Altitude 10, 000 ft
    • Cruise Speed 120 KTS
    • Base Kochi

    Designed with the future in mind, the Bell 429 meets or exceeds today’s airworthiness requirements to enhance occupant safety, with the adaptability to remain at the forefront as mission requirements evolve. Innovation is at the heart of the Bell 429 light twin helicopter.

    The use of metallic and composite parts in its construction creates the perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility, safety and durability. An advanced avionics and systems monitoring suite ensures outstanding maintainability and aircraft readiness.

    The Bell 429 : Elevating Luxury to New Heights

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